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Unusual Names

Docturn Wallace

    The name “Docturn” is one of our family's old traditional names. I have in my possession an old, two page, typed family history with this photo. Who sent it to me and when, I do not remember. I have included it because it proves an important aspect of our family history.
    I have condensed the story. The information is vague, at times wrong... and these are obviously our people. Someday, hopefully, one of this family will cruise the Internet, and for the first time discover their illustrious heritage.

    “Under the leadership of Docturn, The Wallaces are thought to have come from West Va., having originally migrated from Ireland, Scotland or Wales. During the Civil War the name was changed from Wallis to Wallace because of disputes over land titles. It is reasonable to believe that the Wallaces or Wallises came through the Cumberland Gap in the Blue Ridge Mts. (wrong, Appalachian Mts.) Their church affiliations were with the Chesterfield Community Church (Tenn.).”

    “'Doc' was short for Docturn, often used as a Wallace given name. Sam’s uncle was always known as "Doc." And the names you mention - Brice, Serlda, Enoch, etc., were often used in Wallace families, in addition to the common names, John, Wm. David, etc."
      -- Erma Hansard, Knoxville, Tennessee.

    I have had the experts search the world records for the origins of this name, “Docturn.” The name does not exist. This means that it had to be made up. Yet, it is a common Wallace given name and goes way back in our family. Could it be that our people, being deeply religious, simply created the name “Docturn” for church “Doctrine?”

Conclusion: Any family with a heritage of the first name of Docturn, or Uncle Doc, with the last name of Wallace, has to be ours.

More unusual names in our family:

The famed Rev. James Anderson: “His grave and that of his wife, Suit Anderson, are to the left as one enters the graveyard”

“Suity Woods, a daughter of Colonel John Woods, of Albermarle, and Susannah Anderson his wife (the 12 year-old beauty) was married at their home in Albermarle...”

“Charity Woods married John Woods.” 11-18-1799

“Robert Woods, a son of Andrew Woods... married first Lovely Caldwell...”

“Peter A. (Woods), who was a merchant in Charlottesville, and in Richmond, married Twymonia Wayt...”

This one, and the two following , I believe to be a continuation in the same family. “By his wife, Mourning Shelton Captain Archibald Woods had a family of ten children...”

“...she being a daughter of Major Robert Harris and Mourning Glenn Harris.”

“William Reid married Mourning Thorpe...”

“Temperance Chambers, married James Gaines.” “Temperance Chambers, became the second wife of David G. Martin.”

“James Munroe, 5th President.”

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