The Tracy Family History
Saddle Camp


Saddle Camp. House built by Granddad Tracy. You see in the orchard wild deer. This shows you how primitive was the land.


    The Tracy family minus one. Granddad and Grandma Tracy, Austin and Beulah. The girl standing in the middle is not part of the family. Photo taken 1909.
   Off to School. We are still in the frontier days of the horse and wagon. (R to L): Hattie, Beulah, Austin, and Hattie’s sister, Mary.

Mother says that this classic photo of Grandma Tracy is misleading. She did not like horses, or dogs, or cats. “Grandma Tracy did not like animals.?/b>


Austin and Toots. He looks just like a Tracy, just like me when I was his age.
Austin pulling Archie in his wagon. Archie was a dwarf.

Grandma Tracy, Beulah and Austin. I put this photo in the book to prove a point. All of the photos of Austin show him with a blurred face.

    Granddad Tracy and Wrigley were partners in a copper mine located a short distance from the cabin. It was a good size operation with 40 miners. It was a low grade ore, which was hauled to Red Bluff by 20 mule team wagons. The trip would take several days.
    From Red Bluff the ore would be shipped by rail car or river barge down to the Bay area where it would be processed and shipped out. 
    There was a lumber mill close to the mine, which supplied timbers for the mine.
    Wrigley owned mines all the way to the coast. Some were in partnership with Granddad Tracy. Eventually, Granddad sold his mining interest to Wrigley and got out of the mining business.
    The property is currently owned by the family of Bill Haase. They plan on tearing down the original cabin and using the timbers to build a new cabin. They would like to keep the original cabin but zoning rules only allow one house on the property.
    Recently Bill Haase and some friend went into the copper mine 100 yards to the end. They had to chase the bears out first.

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